Who are our teens?

88% live in poverty. Because of this, they may have an occasional behavior issue, but they are still good-hearted kids. Through volunteer encouragement, they become the people we knew they always could be. 

Why volunteer?

Make a difference in the life of a Chicago teen, be a guide on a journey of discovery and growth. Who knows? Maybe you’ll discover a little about yourself too.

Who volunteers?

People of all skill levels. We have volunteers who work with kids professionally, some are avid bicyclists or canoeists, and some are complete novices. The one thing we all have in common is a passion for helping kids in need.

Can I just try things out?

Yes! Come see what we’re about. Fill out an application and join us for an adventure or help us with a fundraising event.


Volunteer Opportunities

PROGRAM VOLUNTEER - come along on an adventure to help encourage and support our teens. 

FUNDRAISING - help plan events or work with organizations that support our mission.


Want to learn more?

Read our Teen Letter to Our Volunteers to hear how teens and volunteers interact.

Read over Protecting Our Kids

Read our Volunteer Roles for details on program volunteer expectations and responsibilities.

Have some more questions about volunteering?
Contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Bob.