Last year we continued to grow and expand our programs to reach even more teens throughout Chicagoland. Recent accomplishments include:



We serve 400 teens a year

Our 1:2 adult-to-teen ratio enables us to connect one-on-one

92% of our kids grow in responsible behavior

92% of our kids see improvement in their teamwork skills

94% of our kids build self-confidence

Despite our continued growth and success, we still serve only a fraction of the more than 200,000 at-risk teens in Chicago. Our limited resources prevent us from hiring more program leaders, purchasing more equipment, covering program fees and transportation costs, and ultimately, serving more kids.

Feedback from community partners and the kids we serve reminds us that our programs are not just outdoor activities, but life-changing experiences. All of our programs expose at-risk teens to a world that would otherwise be inaccessible. 

Our teens grow and discover their potential through personal experiences with Chicago Voyagers. Consider making a life-changing gift today. 

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What about overhead ratio?

Last year, GuideStarCharity Navigator, and BBB Wise Giving Alliance published an open letter to the donors of America denouncing the use of the “overhead ratio” as a primary indicator of nonprofit performance.  The letter, signed by all three organizations’ CEOs, marked the beginning of a campaign to correct the common misconception about the importance of a low overhead ratio. See the website Overhead Myth  for more on this issue.

Our Organizational Expenses:

  • Staff salaries: 60%
  • Equipment and insurance: 15%
  • Costs to run events (venue, food, entertainment, transportation, permits): 14%
  • Camp sites, food, transportation: 6%*
  • Staff training: 3%
  • Tools to manage our programs and operations: 2%

*Most of our program expenses are covered by in-kind donations. This enables us to serve more youth.

Where does my money go?

Event revenue covers the expenses to run them, grants cover the money to write them, etc. Your money will go right into staff salaries, equipment, insurance and expenses such as camp sites, food and transportation.


Chicago Voyagers is a GuideStar Platinum Participant